Another Paid Moroun Misinformation Mouthpiece

Van Conway is the latest addition to the Ambassador Bridge’s misinformation campaign to protect their monopoly over the Detroit/Windsor bridge crossing. Conway joins the likes of Dick Morris and Americans for Prosperity (AFP) who are being paid to spread misinformation about the New International Trade Crossing (NITC) that is supported by Michigan’s business and trade community, labor unions and political leadership.

It appears that they are paying Conway to justify the Dick Morris ad campaign claiming the NITC will cost Michigan taxpayers $100 million per year. But no amount of Moroun money can turn a lie into the truth. Conway’s pronouncement that the NITC was going to cost the state was based on his claim that Michigan would be liable for any shortfall if bridge tolls do not cover financing payments.

The fact is, Canada is guaranteeing the bridge financing and assuming all the risks. The Ambassador Bridge owners know this, AFP knows this and Conway knows this. The new bridge will not cost Michigan taxpayers a dime.

Ambassador Bridge President Dan Stamper also used the press conference to make a veiled threat to start a toll war to put the new bridge out of business. If they have that much money and truly cared about their customers, maybe they should just lower rates now (the highest in the country) and while they are at it, lower the rates of the their tax free gas.

Friday’s press conference just reinforces the need to end the Moroun monopoly over the Detroit River.