Ambassador Bridge repays Detroit for its 40-year monopoly

Neglecting historic buildings and decrepit properties throughout our city!!

“I’m a benefit to the city. I’m not a detriment,” says Ambassador Bridge owner—Matty Moroun. He sees himself as an asset and benefit to Detroit despite being one of the largest owners of blighted property in the city.  According to the Detroit Free Press, more than 625 parcels of dilapidated, run-down, decaying, abandoned properties, including the granddaddy icon for derelict property management – the Michigan Central Depot – are owned by one company or another controlled by Matty Moroun.

The Michigan Central Train depot, once a shining piece of Michigan’s landscape, is owned by Matty Moroun. Look how it’s been handled. Every year more broken promises – more neglect.

Pictured are two of the more than 625 pieces of property owned by a company controlled by Matty Moroun. These houses, located in the Delray neighborhood of southwest Detroit, are abandoned, open, dangerous and potential havens for drug dealers or worse. Do you believe these will ever be repaired? How about demolished? (See the MC Depot photo above.)

We all can only hope that the Ambassador Bridge Company doesn’t come to our neighborhood.